How It Works

Set up in less than 5 minutes
Free sign up and free quotes
No obligation to make trades

Call in or visit our location
Inform teller how much you want to buy or sell in USD
Once approved, your price is locked in

We receive your funds electronically
We convert at your locked rate
Receive funds next day after funds are received

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What Are the Benefits of CBCE?

100% Security

We are fully regulated by the Government of Canada (FINTRAC), with client trust accounts at the Bank of Montreal

Uncompromised Convenience

Get the job done in minutes – not days or weeks. With us, you can register and book your transaction with the utmost convenience through your Canadian bank

Unrivaled Speed

Need same-day fund delivery to your destination of preference? Not a problem. If your transaction is booked before the bank cut off, we will have it to you on the same day

Superior Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We promise to deliver on time, every time, with the friendliest and most professional service in the business

Unbeatable Rates – Guaranteed

Don’t like your bank’s exchange rate? We adhere to our promise to beat it without fail – EVERY TIME! To go the extra mile, we phone the banks every morning in order to confirm we are providing the most favorable rates. This small action can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the long run

Honesty & Integrity

CanAm maintains unparalleled transparency at all times, providing you with confirmation of the agreed upon exchange rate in writing. This will occur before you transfer any funds