Foreign Currency Exchange Services for Everyone

We work with our clients to collaboratively identify and manage increasingly complex currency exposures. Our process is built on developing a deep understanding of the risks that your business faces, before delivering a strategy created to meet your specific objectives. Our solutions ‎are designed to grow with you, and our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Purchase one currency against the sale of another currency at an agreed rate. Funds are debited from, converted and then wired free into the USA or CAN accounts of your choice for transactions completed online or over the phone.


Bullion & Precious Metals

Hedge your foreign exchange holdings through the purchase of gold, silver, and platinum. As an authorized distributor of the Royal Canadian Mint, we offer precious metal coins, bars and other bullion.


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US Cross-Border Employees

If you work for a foreign company, we are more than equipped to help out; while saving you a tremendous amount of money and time.

We recommend opening up a foreign currency account at your current bank, and as soon as you need the funds converted to Canadian Dollars, call us to book a trade, and we will send the converted funds to your foreign currency bank account within one business day.

We’ll get straight to work converting your funds at some of the most attractive rates in the business.


Undesirable exchange rates can have a large impact on your investment. CanAm Currency Exchange works tirelessly to craft a premium array or unique solutions created for the specific needs of your particular investment.

It is a well-known fact that bank rates are some of the most unfavorable, but we strive to secure much more competitive rates for your convenience and fulfillment.

We embrace a simple yet powerful process to enable you to enjoy significant savings and get the most out of your investment.

Cross-Border Students

CanAm is the perfect partner for foreign exchange students from any country around the world.

CanAm will promise the absolute LOWEST price on your currency exchange needs.

CanAm can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars when paying your tuition or room and board regardless of what currency you are looking to exchange.

CanAm promises the lowest rates on all currency exchange, beating the bank rates by up to 2%.

Travellers & Snowbirds

Before being able to enjoy your vacation or time away from Canada, one of the most tedious processes that irks travelers is exchanging currency.

Undesirable rates and heightened transaction fees at banks, airports and your destination are made obsolete by CanAm Currency Exchange.

If you are looking to secure a quick and easy way to obtain bank notes for your destination of choice, you’ve come to the right place. We boast an extensive array of global currencies for your convenience, minus the hefty service charges.

Newcomers to Canada

Relocating to a different country brings about enough stress as it is. Currency exchange should not add to this.

Our professional, seasoned and friendly team are ready to transfer your funds into Canadian Dollars – 100% hassle and stress free, while offering the best rates which will potentially save you thousands of dollars.

We keep our hawk-eyes on the foreign exchange market at all times in order to guarantee the most attractive results for each and every CanAm client. We never cease to embrace unrivaled transparency, opening your eyes to valuable information involving the economy, trends in the market and beyond.

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