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Throughout millennia, people have always bought gold amongst other metals as a means to hedge their investment against monetary policy. For thousands of years, we’ve relied on gold to serve as real money. 

Buy and Sell Silver Bullion

Silver has always been known as an industrial metal. However, it has been minted for decades for physical purchase. Silver has become increasingly popular due to its low-cost and for how easy it is to acquire.

Cape Town, South Africa - August 17, 2019:  Illustrative Editorial image of Macro Close up of a 9999 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coin (Cape Town, South Africa - August 17, 2019:  Illustrative Editorial image of Macro Close up of a 9999 Silver C

Prepare For The Future

After every major currency disaster, economies around the world almost always resorted to real money; gold, silver, and other precious metals. 

To protect you and your family, holding physical gold and silver can go a long way. Get in touch with a member of our team to see how you can buy some of your own. 

Gold & Silver Available For Sale

As a Registered Dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint, we’re able to acquire the minted directly from the mints across the world. If we don’t have the specific metal you want on-hand, we can order it for you. Our team can arrange an order in-person or we can ship out to you directly. 

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Where To Buy Gold & Silver in Windsor?

Private Dealers

Some people have been holding gold & silver for years. Therefore, you would have an option to purchase physical metals from individuals who have it. With the uncertain times, this may become more popular as new people enter the physical metals market and the supply continues to dwindle. 

Jewelry Stores & Pawn Shops in Windsor

It may be difficult to find traditional bullion at a Jewelry store, but a Pawn Shop may have gold and silver on hand. You may also be able to find what is referred to as junk silver which typically consists of coins from years past where coins were once minted using precious metals like silver, copper, and nickel. 

Registered Dealers with the Royal Canadian Mint

This is your safest bet. Registered Dealers with the Royal Canadian Mint like CanAm Currency Exchange allow you to purchase directly from the source in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint. These dealers often are able to provide gold and silver at the lowest rates due to their direct relationship with the mint and can purchase metals in a variety of sizes and styles; coins, rounds, and bars. 

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