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No worries if you couldn’t plan your non-Canadian dollar purchases in advance! We offer the best foreign currency exchange rates to save you from paying whopping amounts to banks in the form of high currency exchange rates. Connect with us for the best exchange rate for us dollars, and fulfill your personal and business currency needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

At CanAm, we care for your convenience. Our team understands how fast and friendly services make a difference in terms of customer experience and strives to meet and exceed your expectations by offering reliable currency exchange services for the lowest US Canada exchange rates. The process is as simple as quickly signing up, getting and booking a quotation, and waiting for the converted currency to be credited to your foreign bank account within one business day.

We offer the best foreign currency exchange rates in Windsor

The lowest rate is our guarantee to our customers. With us, you get the best currency exchange rates that you won’t find anywhere else. Our rates are competitive Canada-wide and will always beat banks. Exchanging money with CanAm is synonymous with getting the most incredible value for your Canadian dollar!

Compare our rates and savings with other banks here:

RBC 3.04% RBC Exchange Rates $254
TD 3.22% TD Bank Exchange Rates $272
BMO 2.85% BMO Exchange Rates $235
CIBC N/A CIBC Foreign Exchange Rates N/A
Scotia 3.50% Scotia Bank Foreign Exchange Rates $300
HSBC 2.40% HSBC Foreign Exchange Rates $190
Desjardins 3.11% Desjardins Foreign Exchange Rates $261

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Working with CanAm simply means getting the most out of every exchange. For Windsor residents, our services create a unique opportunity to cross the border and benefit from great deals on US purchases in Michigan and surrounding US states. No more paying to credit card companies with high interest and exchange rates — we’re here to maximize your money by optimizing the value for each dollar. With a quick online registration and account approval process, you can transfer and convert funds at lower rates and in less time than banks.

Connect with us for the absolute lowest currency exchange rates

CanAm is your go-to place for all your currency needs in Canada. With up to 2% better exchange rates than your local bank, Working with CanAm for your currency exchange needs can help reduce the financial burden and maximize every dollar you convert. Whether you’re an avid investor or a traveler looking for an escape, our services will make things easier for you. Connect with the team at CanAm today to take advantage of our rates. Call +1 (844) 915-5151 to get a quote.

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Why should you get better rates?

The following are the most common reasons customer report needing our services. The majority of Canadians don’t plan ahead for their non-Canadian dollar purchases and end up foregoing lots of hard cash with banks and higher last-minute rates. CanAm Currency Exchange is Windsor’s go-to for all personal and business currency needs. Our clerks understand that fast, efficient, and friendly service makes a difference. Best of all though, is that our rates are competitive Canada-wide and will always beat banks.

Shopping, Dining, Entertainment

Living in Windsor, ON allows residents a unique ability to cross the border to take advantage of some great deals on US purchases in Michigan and surrounding U.S. states. By exchanging funds with CanAm Currency Exchange you ensure you are getting the maximum amount for your Canadian Dollar! We all know credit card companies have high interest and exchange rates. Save yourself some money by maximizing your dollars. A quick and simple online registration process, account approval and you can be transferring and receiving funds at better rates and in less time. Our exchange rates for US funds are up to 2% better than the banks.

US Payroll & Currency Exchange

CanAm Currency Exchange has assisted many cross-border workers to maximize their income with up to a 2% better exchange rate than your local bank. As a Windsor resident employed by a U.S. company, ensuring you get the most out of your U.S. dollar is paramount. Call us today to see how beneficial our exchange rates are compared to your bank and start the simple process of registering with CanAm!

Vacations in the U.S.

It’s Vacation Time! With Windsor being a border city, it’s extremely convenient to fly out of Detroit, MI for your vacations. Take advantage of purchasing your airline tickets in Michigan and maximize your dollar by exchanging your currency with CanAm Currency Exchange. Get up to a 2% better exchange rate than your local bank! Focus on the things that matter most when you plan your vacation and let CanAm help you to maximize your every dollar.

Making/Receiving U.S. Investments

Whether you’re an online investor who has invested or is planning to invest in the U.S., maximizing your dollar will prove to be every bit as important as your initial investment. CanAm Currency Exchange offers up to 2% better rates than the banks. Contact us to learn more!


You’ve worked hard for so many years so you are able to enjoy the ‘escape’ from the bitter cold Canadian winters. Before your journey down South, save some time and get your funds ready before you go. While away, online conversions make it easy to get more if needed.

Convenient Border Crossing

Travelling to the US via the Ambassador Bridge or the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is only a 5-10 minute drive. Why take extra time to stop and get your currency exchanged. Our online currency exchange makes it quick, simple and hassle-free. CanAm Currency Exchange focuses on keeping more money in your pocket instead of the banks. Our exchange rates are up to 2% better than the banks.

Going to School in the U.S.?

Windsor residents can take advantage of an easy commute to Michigan and Michigan State University for school. Education is important but so is saving money! With up to a 2% better exchange rates than your local bank, choosing CanAm as your currency exchange provide can help alleviate stress and maximize your every dollar. Contact us today to learn more! 1 (844) 915-5151