7 Reasons to use a foreign exchange service for currency transfers
7 Reasons to use a foreign exchange service for currency transfers

7 Reasons to use a foreign exchange service for currency transfers

When you need to send money abroad, it’s important to make an informed decision to ensure the lowest charges and safe transfers. Banks might seem like the obvious choice, but they often charge high fees. That’s why people readily opt for foreign exchanges, as this method makes currency transfers easy, affordable, and secure.

If you’re an individual or a business transferring money once or need to do it regularly, you need to try foreign currency exchange to avail its benefits and other options. Here we have enlisted 7 good reasons to pick a foreign exchange service when sending money abroad: 

Reasons to use a foreign exchange service for currency transfers 

Value for Your Money: 

Foreign currency exchange services provide value for your money by offering better exchange rates due to several factors, such as:

Interbank Rates: 

They operate closer to interbank rates, which are the rates at which banks trade currencies with each other. Banks generally add extra fees on top of their rates, while exchanges can find better deals by sourcing competitive rates from several liquidity providers. This helps foreign exchanges give customers better rates overall.

Bulk Transactions: 

These exchanges handle large volumes of currency transactions daily and have bulk purchasing power, which allows them to negotiate better rates with liquidity providers and market makers.

Also, many Foreign exchanges offer fee-free thresholds or discounted fees for larger transactions, incentivizing customers to consolidate their transfers and save on expenses.

Specialized Focus: 

Unlike banks that offer a wide range of financial services, foreign currency exchanges specialize in currency exchange and international payments. This focus allows them to optimize processes, leverage technology, and offer competitive pricing to people’s currency exchange needs.

Transparent Transaction Processing: 

Transparent Pricing: 

Many banks may embed hidden fees, markups, or interest rates within exchange rates, but foreign exchanges ensure customers receive their expected amounts without unexpected surprises.

Foreign exchange interest rates are prioritized on transparency by offering detailed fee information upfront, covering transaction fees, exchange rate margins, and other charges. This transparency empowers customers to know the actual cost of their transfers accurately and helps them compare, too. 

Planning Future Transactions:

Recurring Transfers and Scheduling: 

If you are an Individual or a business, you can set up automatic transfers using foreign exchange services for recurring payments such as mortgages, salaries, or supplier payments. This reduces manual intervention and ensures timely payments without the need for constant monitoring.

Also, customers can customize transfer frequencies (weekly, monthly, etc.) according to their specific needs and financial plans.

Rate Locks: 

Some Foreign exchanges offer forward contracts that allow you to lock in exchange rates for future transfers. This feature is valuable for budgeting and mitigating risks associated with currency rate fluctuations.

Ease and convenience

Online Platforms: 

These exchanges provide user-friendly online platforms or mobile apps to access account information 24/7 from anywhere with internet access. Customers can control their transfers and view the following information:

  • Real-time rates
  • Calculate fees
  • Initiate transfers
  • Track transactions

Fast Transfers and Multi-Currency Accounts: 

It utilizes swift payment networks for the quick processing of transfers within hours or even minutes in some cases. You can also get multi-currency accounts by uploading required documents, letting you hold and manage funds in various currencies.

Utilize a Wide Range of Foreign Exchange Features

  • Rate Alerts: You get notified of favourable exchange rates via email or SMS, which enables you to make informed transfer decisions.


  • Limit Orders: You can set desired exchange rates, and transactions are automatically executed when the market reaches those rates.


  • Currency Risk Management: It also offers hedging solutions such as swaps and derivatives for businesses to manage currency exposure and volatility effectively.


In addition to these tools, Foreign exchange services offer various contract types for specific needs:

  • Forward Contract: This agreement between parties exchanges designated currencies at a specific rate for delivery or payment in the future.


  • Spot Contract: The simplest contract where the price is quoted and booked for immediate delivery. It is used for one-off smaller payments or time-sensitive transactions.


  • Market Order: A Market Order allows you to specify a target rate at which you are willing to complete a currency exchange transaction.


  • Stop-loss Order: A stop-loss order acts as a safety net; it helps manage risk and protect capital by automatically exiting positions at predefined price levels.

You will Have Expert Guidance

Foreign exchange experts give personalized assistance via phone, email, or chat channels and ensure quick resolution of customer queries and concerns.  

For instance, if you are looking for currency exchange in Edmonton and Calgary, currency specialists provide valuable assistance and take the time to understand the specific challenges faced by businesses and individuals.  Whether it’s managing currency exposure for businesses engaged in international trade or facilitating personal currency conversions for individuals, their expertise extends beyond basic transactional support. They help clients with the complexities of the foreign exchange market with confidence and success.

Fully regulated Business and Security of Money:

These exchanges have established reputations in the international payments sector. They operate under strict regulatory frameworks and adhere to regulations such as anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. That is why these are reliable and secure options with reduced fraud and errors when exchanging currency.

Which Foreign Exchange Type Is Suitable For You?

Let’s understand  each type of foreign exchange service to help you know which one is suitable for your needs:

Currency Exchange Bureaus: 

These Exchange Bureaus are great if you’re a traveller or need immediate cash exchange. These are physically located in places like airports and tourist areas for on-the-spot currency needs. Their services include, traveller’s checks, money exchange conversion, and international money transfers. 

Online Currency Exchange Providers: 

Online currency exchange providers are perfect for those seeking flexibility, competitive rates, and the convenience of digital transactions. You can access these services 24/7 from anywhere for money exchange conversions and international transfers that are hassle-free. They offer real-time exchange rates, multiple currency options, and secure & encrypted transactions.

Foreign Exchange Brokers: 

If you have a business or you are an individual with currency needs, foreign exchange brokers are there to offer personalized services and solutions. You can access a range of hedging tools like forward contracts, options, and derivatives to manage currency exposure and volatility. While brokers may offer competitive rates for large transactions, they may have higher fees.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange Services: 

If you are looking for direct currency exchanges with others, peer-to-peer exchange services are Ideal for you. These platforms facilitate direct transactions between individuals or businesses looking to exchange currencies, bypassing traditional financial institutions. 

Closing Thoughts

Using foreign exchange services for currency exchanges offers multiple advantages that can significantly benefit individuals and businesses alike. With these services, you can save on fees, do money exchange conversion, optimize currency management strategies, and gain access to a wide range of tools and solutions. So, why not explore and try out these foreign exchange services today? Experience the ease, efficiency, and savings they bring to your currency exchange needs.

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