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Experience exchange rates up to 3% better than the banks.

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Exchanging with CanAm vs your bank could save you $225.00 CAD Call Us for Exact Quote
Matt Hermez
Matt Hermez
Had a wire transfer issue and they solved it with ease. Thank you guys !
Mary Amoo
Mary Amoo
Great Team! Best Currency Exchange in Windsor. Tarek is always ready to help you get a good rate, which saves you money. Thanks Tarek. Dani
Giles Moore
Giles Moore
Tarek and the CanAm team are my the one and ONLY currency team you’ll ever need. the best rates available and personal attention paid to every trade and transaction. They have been a revelation to me and my buiisiness of which thhey are a critical compoenent. 5 stars.
David Crawford
David Crawford
Vive and Tarek were absolutely fantastic to deal with.Purchasing a recreational home in the USA ,and our own bank could not get exchange rates as good as Canam Currency.It took 3 days for our TD bank to wire our money from B.C. to BMO Bank in Ontario !Then it only took Canam Currency 10 minutes to convert the funds to US $ at an excellent exchange rate, and send it to the USA Bank-they saved our deal to be able close on time, that same day.Thanks so much! Very professional and an BBB A+ Accredited Business.
tony duong
tony duong
Best rates in town and great customer service.
Gurminder Singh
Gurminder Singh
CanAm is great service for exchanging USD-CAD currency. Rates are far better than actual bank rates. Very friendly staff. Recommend CanAm for the currency exchange.
A Gamage
A Gamage
Using the professional service at CanAm Currency exchange and saving money since they opened the business in Windsor few years ago
Shannon McAlpine
Shannon McAlpine
I’ve had nothing but positive experiences dealing with both staff and the website! Very user friendly and everyone is so willing to go above and beyond to help whenever possible. Shoutout to Viv for helping me get my paycheque exchanged same day after I missed the window. I’m a nurse and don’t always have an opportunity to book my trades before noon. I was exhausted and she made my day 🙂

Why CanAm for your
Currency Exchange?

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

We are regulated by FINTRAC (Government of Canada agency) and have a segregated account at major Canadian financial institution.

Quick & Transparent

Quick & Transparent

We offer a same-day delivery of funds right to your bank. In a matter of hours, we can complete your trade when you need it.

Best Rates

Best Rates

We provide the lowest rates and charge no transaction fees. We’ll save you money on every transfer you’ll ever need to do again.

Premium Service

Premium Service

Get the service you deserve. Working with us you’ll receive fast and customer-first service. No matter where you are in Canada, we’ve got your back.


Best Currency Exchange Calgary, Alberta

Get the Best Value for Currency Exchange in Calgary

Avoid the hidden 3% fees that banks secretly charge for converting foreign currencies! Our service offers similar benefits to those of financial institutions, but with a commitment to provide you with the most advantageous exchange rate, which can be as low as 2%.

CanAm Currency Exchange assists both individuals and businesses in Calgary looking for foreign currency exchange services by navigating them through the complex terrain of currency exchange and obtaining the most favourable exchange rates.

The registration process on our website is quick and easy, enabling you to sign up efficiently. Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll have instant access to the latest foreign exchange rates online, allowing you to start optimizing your funds right away.

Discover the Most Advantageous Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Calgary

At CanAm Currency Exchange, our objective is to surpass financial institutions by providing you with the exchange rates your bank accounts will appreciate. Unlike banks that often impose multiple undisclosed charges that can reach up to 3%, we offer a minimal rate of 2%, making currency exchange transactions more cost-effective. Over time, this seemingly small difference can result in substantial savings, potentially adding up to thousands of dollars.

CanAm guarantees prompt and safe currency exchange services, and for every transaction, we provide you with a detailed receipt containing all relevant details.

Converting currency with CanAm is a hassle-free experience. All you need to do is transfer money to us via bank or online, and we will deposit the converted currency into your account the next day. Unlike banks, we provide complete transparency in our quoting process, ensuring that there are no hidden charges that you were not made aware of initially.

Contact us to Take Advantage of our Currency Exchange Services in Calgary

CanAm Currency Exchange is a top-tier provider of foreign currency exchange services in Calgary, providing not only the most competitive rates but also the fastest fund delivery across Canada. To learn more about how we streamline the currency exchange process for you, please contact us at 1-844-915-5151.

What Does CanAm Offer?


All of our services are registered and regulated by FINTRAC, and they are insured to cover losses in any unforeseen circumstances.


We ensure fast delivery of funds across Canada.


We offer the best rates for foreign currency exchange in calgary.


With confirmation receipt and other checks along the way, we make sure you get your money on time with no issues.


It takes just a few minutes to register and start transferring funds.

100% Satisfied

Our clients make all the difference. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

CanAm Currency Exchange Calgary (1-844-915-5151)

Calgary, being the largest city in Alberta, offers numerous currency exchange options, with banks being a popular choice for their security measures. However, despite the assurances of safety, bank exchange rates and fees are rarely the most cost-effective or transparent option, similar to kiosks found in malls and airports. This can lead to individuals paying more than necessary for foreign currency exchange in Calgary. 

Brokers are a popular alternative for individuals seeking foreign currency exchange services. They often come with complex requirements to access favourable exchange rates, however. Banks are another common choice, but their rates are not always the most cost-effective and they may not disclose all associated fees. Fortunately, there is a third option available for those looking to exchange currency without hurting your bank account.

CanAm offers a superior currency exchange and great service to individuals and businesses. We prioritize our clients’ security, provide excellent customer service, and offer the most beneficial currency conversions. Our Calgary currency exchange services surpass those offered by banks, with potential savings of up to 2%, making us the most profitable choice for foreign exchange, including US Dollars to Canadian Dollars.

What is the Best Place to Access Competitive Currency Exchange Rates in Calgary, AB?

Looking for the best exchange rates can be overwhelming, involving extensive research and quotes from multiple service providers. Currency exchange rates are subject to daily fluctuations, and the rate available today may not be relevant tomorrow. This time-consuming process can be daunting for anyone, which is why CanAm aims to simplify the process for our clients.

Need to exchange foreign currency in Calgary? Don’t overpay! Trust CanAm Currency Exchange for affordable rates and a seamless process. Dial 1-844-915-5151 for a complimentary quote and book your exchange. Our online and bank transfer options ensure a convenient and cost-effective experience that you can complete at your convenience from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Calgary Airport Currency Exchange

In situations where time is of the essence, the currency exchange kiosks situated at Calgary International Airport might seem like a convenient option. Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that these kiosks often provide less than optimal exchange rates due to their high overhead costs, leading to decreased returns for you.

To avoid high fees, it is recommended to consider changing your currency at external outlets such as CanAm before traveling. By taking this simple step, you can maximize your funds and ensure that you receive the most favourable exchange rates available.

Currency Exchange Services in Hotels and Malls

Hotels and shopping malls provide easy access to currency exchange services and may present enticing deals and promotions to lure customers. Nevertheless, the exchange rates offered at these places are typically less favourable, similar to those at airport kiosks, resulting in reduced returns on foreign exchange.

We recommend using CanAm’s online transfer platform to enhance your currency exchange experience in Calgary. Our service is not only user-friendly and cost-effective, but it also guarantees the most favourable exchange rates. You can either opt for fund transfer or have them delivered as per your choice.

Bank and Credit Union Exchange Services

Foreign exchange services are easily accessible across the city, including at banks, providing convenience to their clients. But despite this accessibility, the high exchange rates and fees charged by these institutions can lead to unwarranted expenses for their customers.

Fortunately, individuals seeking a more cost-effective and stress-free foreign exchange experience have other alternatives, such as CanAm Currency Exchange. As a specialized currency exchange company, we offer notably better cash exchange rates compared to banks and other providers, without compromising on security. Opting for a specialized company can lead to significant savings and provide a seamless transaction experience.

Currency Exchange Brokers in Calgary

Currency exchange brokers, such as Canex Foreign Exchange, Calforex Currency Exchange, and International Forex Exchange, can offer rapid transactions and attractive exchange rates. Nonetheless, clients may need to meet specific prerequisites, such as high minimum amounts, to access these rates. This can make it challenging to determine whether the exchange deal is truly worthwhile.

Thankfully, at CanAm, we understand the complexity involved in currency exchange and strive to offer customized solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our team comprises foreign exchange experts with extensive knowledge and experience in delivering efficient services at an affordable price. We take pride in providing our clients with the most competitive exchange rates without compromising on security or speed.

We Can Enhance Your Currency Transactions

Choose CanAm Currency Exchange to receive the best international currency exchange rates that beat those of banks and other financial institutions. You can obtain a free quote and confirm your reservation by dialing our toll-free number at 1-844-915-5151. Simply send money via bank or online services and finalize the transaction at your convenience. CanAm makes it effortless for you to save money on currency exchange while taking advantage of unbeatable rates from the comfort of your home.

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Frequently Asked

We are guaranteed to offer you a better exchange rate than your financial institution or foreign exchange company in Canada. If you ever find a better rate from a competitor, we will guarantee that we will beat their rate.

Our minimum requirement is $1,500 per transaction, however we do offer flexibility. There are no minimums for in-store transactions.

Yes, we service customers across Canada as we are registered as a money service business with FINTRAC (a Government of Canada agency).

Yes, we service customers across Canada as we registered as a money service business with FINTRAC (a Government of Canada agency).

Client funds are held in segregated client account at a major Canadian financial institution, separate from operating accounts, and are completely secure. A trade confirmation contract on our letterhead is sent to you upon execution of your currency transaction confirming all agreed upon details for your records. All transactions have a confirmation number and can be traced electronically with Canadian banks. Funds can be transferred quickly, generally same-day or next business day back to your specified destination. Funds are transferred securely by wire transfer or direct deposit.

Over several hundred million dollars have been converted for thousands of our Canadian clients and we have a number of testimonials in third party reputable business media including Yahoo Finance. You can also read more about us via our Google and Facebook Reviews.

Our client account and relationship with our Canadian financial institution is in good standing and they are willing to verify this with a bank letter or phone reference (please contact us if required).

We are conveniently integrated with all Canadian banks and you can test our service with a small amount to see how it works.

We accept debit, cash, eTransfer, Canadian bank draft, Wire and Electronic Funds Transfer. 

Our large transactional volume allows us to obtain purchasing power – we buy in bulk and pass on the great exchange rates to you along with free wire transfers.Moreover, unlike us, banks have very complex infrastructures and charge hidden fees to be able to cover their costs.

Yes we do. We are located at 3234 Dougall Ave, Windsor, ON N9E 1S6. However, we do support all of Canada using electronic funds transfer.