How Silver Got The Title of a Precious Metal: The History

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Why Buy Silver Today?

Silver is one of the longest-standing forms of money in the world. Alongside gold, silver has had widespread use as money over the centuries. Today, owning silver is as sound an investment as it was hundreds of years ago.

Besides silver being real money, if you are thinking of buying silver as an investment, here are some reasons why that is a good idea:

  • Silver is a physical asset: Other investment options, such as stocks, bonds, and even cryptocurrency, are intangible and cannot be physically secured.
  • Silver is affordable: Silver is a fraction of the price of gold, yet it is still as secure an asset as gold. This affordability makes it an excellent entry point for people investing in precious metals for the first time.
  • Silver can be held in small unit values: You can easily liquidate a small amount at a time to meet your needs.
  • Silver is historically bullish: The price of silver has historically outperformed other precious metals.
  • Silver has industrial uses: This means demand for silver will only rise into the future—something that will likely drive the price up.
  • Silver supply is slowing down: Exploration and new mines are not as many as in the past, which will help push the price of silver even higher.

Should I Buy Silver in Windsor?

The short answer is yes. Buying silver in Windsor is an excellent investment decision for the reasons mentioned above. However, if you want to buy silver in Windsor, you may wonder whether you have any superb purchasing options. If you’re looking to purchase silver from a registered precious metals dealer, CanAm Currency Exchange is the right place. Speak with one of our silver experts in Windsor, and let them advise you on how to go about buying silver.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Silver?

Still wondering where the best place to buy silver is? Let us guide you on this.
Buying silver is a straightforward process, especially with an experienced precious metals dealer like CanAm Currency Exchange. The first step in buying silver is to understand how silver pricing works. You will also need to figure out how and where you will safely store it.
Next, speak to a CanAm silver expert in Windsor who will help you understand your choices. They will help you understand the difference between bars and coins and which option will suit your needs best.

Is It Important To Buy Silver From A Registered Dealer?

Although you can buy silver in Windsor from private sellers or pawn shops, it is always best to buy silver from a registered dealer like CanAm Currency Exchange.
Buying silver from a certified dealer is important because they have a license from the Royal Canadian Mint. The license allows them to purchase silver directly from the mint, guaranteeing quality and lower prices.
When you buy from a registered dealer, you also get the right paperwork, which will help you easily sell your silver in the future. Lastly, a registered dealer will offer you a more extensive selection of inventory than other sellers.
Buying silver is an excellent investment decision, especially as a safeguard in uncertain economic times. Buy silver from CanAm Currency Exchange today and secure your financial future.

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How is Silver Minted?

If you are thinking of buying silver in Windsor, you may be curious about the process of minting silver coins and bars. Here are the five main steps:

Silver arrives from the refinery in large blocks. These 99.9 percent pure silver blocks are melted in a furnace at a temperature of 2000 degrees. The molten silver is then poured into cylindrical cases. Once they solidify, each case will weigh about 810 ounces.

Extruding pushes each case of warm silver through a narrow channel to form long, thin strips. The strips are perfectly cylindrical, with no scratches on the edges. Each piece is then cut into smaller sizes.

The blanking step takes each small piece of silver tubing and punches or presses them into the shape of a coin. Each new coin is weighed to ensure they are all precisely one ounce.

As the name suggests, burnishing cleans and shines the blanks to a high finish and a lustrous shine. The burnishing process involves exposing the blanks to tiny balls that rub against the surface of the blanks, giving them a perfect shine.

The silver coin blanks are now ready for striking. Striking is what gives the coins their design and identity. Steel die etched with the design is used to “strike” the design onto each coin. Once complete, the coins are ready for shipment.

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