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With inflation at its all-time highs, you may be worried about your assets in these uncertain times. Buying gold in Windsor is your answer to these uncertain times. For thousands of years civilizations have fallen back onto gold and silver during uncertain times. Secure your future by shifting even a fraction of your investments into precious metals like gold and silver. If you would like to speak with a member of the CanAm team, click here or visit our store in Windsor, ON.

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At CanAm Currency Exchange, we help Canadians and businesses across Canada acquire the finest products at the lowest prices. As a Registered Dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint, we can help you acquire some of the most desired products on the market. Though we have most of the popular metals, including gold and silver, we can always order in other metals as well as other unpopular denominations of coins and bars. 


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Buying gold may seem challenging to someone who has never purchased gold and you might have hundreds of questions: Is the gold I’m buying genuine? Where can I find the best rate? Why is it essential to find a registered dealer? These are some of the most common ones, regardless of how many questions you might have, the team at CanAm Currency can help you make the right decision based on your needs. 

Our clients trust us for genuine precious metal deals and reliable information from the world of metals. We work with metal experts to ensure authenticity and improve our services for clients. For any queries related to the gold purchase, you can connect with one of our team members, and they will be glad to guide you on the right path. Call +1 (844) 915-5151 to join our ever-growing list of beaming customers.

Why Buy Gold?

Gold is considered one of the most valuable assets in the world. Anywhere you go on the planet, gold is well-understood and valued almost equally. If you go to a different country with your home currency, they can choose to decline it. However, if you go with gold, it would almost always be accepted. Why is this? Because gold is universally accepted as a store of value. It’s not just a currency, but real money.

In times of economic uncertainty, physical gold and other precious metals is where investors flock to. 

Why is this? 

Buyers understand that gold is a safe haven investment. They also understand that buying gold can hedge against inflationary assets like stocks and bonds. If you are worried about the economy, buying gold can help you secure your assets and avoid massive losses from asset depreciation.

Should I Buy and Invest Gold in Windsor?

Your decision to buy gold in Windsor should be informed by answering several questions. Some of the questions include:

  • What is your purpose for buying gold?
  • Have you ever bought gold before?
  • Do you understand how gold is priced?
  • Do you have a storage plan for your gold?
  • Are you a gold speculator, or are you a long-term investor?
  • Do you plan to purchase a small amount of gold or a large amount?

These and related questions will help you make the right decision on whether to buy gold in Windsor.

If you do not have all the answers, do not worry. You can always speak to a CanAm gold expert in Windsor, and they will help you analyze and get the right answers to these questions. One thing is for sure, however. If you choose to buy gold in Windsor, you will be joining other savvy investors making the same important investment decision.

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How is Gold Minted?

You may be interested in buying gold, but do you know how gold is minted? Here are the three main steps.


Gold that has just been mined has many impurities. In fact, it is far from the shiny gold metal that mesmerizes so many. This impure gold must undergo a refining process. In this process, electrolysis or pyrometallurgical chlorination is used to separate the gold from impurities. The refining process produces 99.99% pure gold

Design And Prototyping

At the end of the refining process, the gold is in rough ingots. The transformation of these ingots into beautiful coins, bars, and rounds requires a design and prototyping process. Here, designers create intricate designs for the bullion. They also prototype these designs with real gold. Once they have the perfect designs, dies are cast in readiness for the minting process.


The minting process involves cutting the gold into sheets and then creating either bars, coins, or rounds out of these sheets. If coins, the sheets are cut with a sharp die, and the design pressed onto the gold. If bars or rounds, the bars are cut and weighed and then stamped with a seal. The minting process can either produce pure gold (24 carats or 999.9 fineness) bullion or gold alloy (22 carats or 916.7 fineness) bullion.

How Do I Buy Gold?

Buying gold can seem daunting. You may be wondering whether what you buy is genuine gold, or whether you are buying it at the right price. The best way to buy gold is through a bullion dealer like CanAm Currency Exchange. If you have questions, you can speak to a precious metals expert, and they will answer all your questions. We recommend this approach to ensure you get precisely what you are paying for – genuine gold. The next question you might ask is, “I am ready to buy gold, whom do I buy it from?”

Is It Important To Buy Gold From A Registered Dealer?

Despite other options like private sellers and pawn shops, we recommend you buy gold from a registered dealer. Why is this important? Because registered dealers have a license from the Royal Canadian Mint to sell bullion. This license allows registered dealers to buy directly from the mint, guaranteeing lower prices than other sources. Buying from a registered dealer also ensures you have all the right paperwork for your purchase in case you plan to sell your gold in the future. Lastly, a registered dealer will have numerous options for you to pick from, including bars, coins, and rounds.

Gold is an excellent investment, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Choose to buy gold today from CanAm Currency Exchange.

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Gold & Silver Available For Sale

As a Registered Dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint, we’re able to acquire the minted metals you long for. If we don’t have the specific metal you want on-hand, we can order it for you. Our team can arrange an order in-person (with caution) or we can ship out to you directly under the appropriate measures. 

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