US Dollars is a currency that often stays high in demand. Since the US shares a border with Canada, it is easily accessible, and an uncountable number of people travel back and forth between the US and Canada daily. However, it is not only the border that separates the two countries, but it is also the currency that is different in each of the nations. If you, too, are looking to buy US Dollars, your search stops here. We provide just what you need.

Throughout the country, multiple places will offer you currency exchange services. These services are present at different locations. For example, you will be able to find an exchange counter at Pearson Airport in Toronto. However, each service provider has its interest rate, and you should not expect to get the same price everywhere.

Bridges Near The Border:

If you are traveling to the US, you will be able to find exchange counters near Ambassador Bridge in Windsor. Since it is at the busiest border between the two countries, there is a vast number of exchange transactions that take place at the currency exchange counter available at the location. It is the main reason why when you visit the counter, you may find an inflated exchange rate for US Dollars.


Hotels are another place where you can easily find US Dollars. These hotels, such as Ceasars, is a famous tourist attraction and require a higher volume of foreign currency reserves to be able to convert the amount for their customers. It is a probable cause for lower exchange rates in hotels. It would be best if you kept a hotel to be the last resort and try to get the conversion done beforehand. 

Malls and Train Stations:

Malls and train stations are a few areas where you are likely to find exchange counters where you can get small amounts of currency exchanged to US Dollars. These counters are for emergency purposes, and you might not get the best rates at these places. 

Individual Brokers:

Throughout Canada, it is common for you to come in contact with individual brokers. These brokers claim to offer you the best exchange rates for US Dollars. However, you should always check for their identification before you decide to trust them. There is a possibility that those claims turn out to be nothing but false promises.

Exchange Kiosks:

If you are traveling on foot you will often come across currency exchange services set up as exchange kiosks. These kiosks are available at multiple locations and easily accessible. However, their exchange rates are known to be the highest in comparison to other places. 

Banks in Canada:

Banks are the last option that we would recommend you to use. Though they are the most accessible for anyone, their service standards, and their exchange rate often makes them your worse choice. A bank is full of international currency, and you purchase US Dollars from a bank. However, you will find a visible difference in the exchange rate that they quote and the amount that you will receive at the end. It is because of a lot of processes and hidden fees that banks charge on top of the interest rates. If you decide to go to a bank, there is a high chance that you will lose a lot of money.

In addition to the places specified above, you can also get your conversion done from CanAm Currency Exchange.

What is CanAm Currency Exchange?

CanAm offers you the best currency exchange services to have your amount converted into US Dollars. With our presence all over Canada, we take pride in promising you the lowest exchange rate in comparison to any bank that you can find throughout the country.

How does CanAm work?

CanAm is an independent organization that works closely with banks to be able to offer you the best currency exchange services. Our interest rates are directly aligned, and we monitor it regularly, which is why we can promise you a lower price in comparison to what you might get from a local bank or kiosk.

Outside of our Windsor Head Office. our presence is completely virtual because of this we are free from excessive overhead costs and can sustain the rates that we commit to our clients. All you need to do is complete our registration form to get started. You can request us to lock in your quote. We guarantee that our rates will be lower in comparison to any bank or secondary currency exchange service provider available to you within Canada. 

Once we have your approval from the quote, you can transfer us the funds via bank transfer and receive your converted currency on the account details that you provide within 24 hours, even as soon as same-day.

CanAm Currency Exchange has been closely monitoring COVID-19 developments. Due to this dynamic situation, we are required to adapt our business procedures to protect our clients and employees.

The health and well-being of you, your family, and our staff are our top priority. Therefore, due to the recent progression of COVID 19, CanAm Currency will temporarily not be conducting any cash transactions.

In branch, we will be conducting cheque and debit transactions only as well as electronic funds transfers.

Due to these changes, we recommend that you fill out the attached preauthorized debit form so you will be able to perform transactions with CanAm Currency Exchange electronically and from the comfort of your own home.

The online service allows you to buy or sell your CAD/USD over the phone. Upon your request, we will book the trade for you and pull the funds from your USD account and in turn send your CAD funds to your CAD account, or vice-versa. The rate would be the same rate you would get in the store and there are no additional fees for this service.

To begin using our Electronic Funds Transfer service, click here to Register. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us 519-915-5151 or [email protected].

To download our Pre-Authorized Debit Form, click here.

During this difficult time, we are putting all our efforts to support our customers and be here for you.

Benefits of using a Currency Exchange Service:

The benefits of using a currency exchange service is really simple: you get more money by saving on fees. This is the essential difference between a service and a bank. However, it should be noted that while you may pay less in fees at a currency exchange, the exchange rate can drastically differ between different foreign exchanges. For instance, exchanging your currency at the airport is one of the worst places you can do this because the rates are significantly worse than ones you would find outside of the airport. This is because these  services know that you’re either leaving the airport or are coming into the city and they prey on this desperation to either get rid of your cash or to get your hands on some.

In Canada, you are able to find multiple currency services at airports, train stations, bus stops, hotels, markets etc. These services are present at every point to help you have your currency exchanged whenever you need it. 

With the help of exchange services like CanAm, you can easily take care of any last-minute emergencies. For example, if you book a last-minute trip somewhere in the USA, a exchange service is the best place to go to exchange your currency. Another added bonus is that lots of exchange services are open on the weekends as well and on the weekdays, they generally have better hours than most banks. This gives you a more convenient option to exchange your currency. 

Money exchange services are a safer and wiser way to have your forex exchanged. It saves your time and lets you enjoy the benefit of having a better exchange rate than other service providers. Why pay more when you can gain more?

In addition to the above, by working with a exchange  business like CanAn Currency Exchange, you are supporting local businesses versus corporations and banks. Secondly, exchanging your currency a a currency exchange is also better because we have a large inventory in stock of various currencies instead of having to wait for days at a bank. The benefits seem endless!


How do I obtain another currency?

The best way to obtain another currency is by visiting a currency exchange and exchanging your currency for another currency. Currency exchanges are the best way to get your hands on foreign currency because their rates are more favorable to the buyer. Conversely, if you were to exchange your currency at the bank, you’re more likely to pay higher fees. Services are independent bodies that offer you these exchange services at a lower fee and offer you a better exchange rate. However, it is advised that you do your research before deciding on a specific exchange services to get your money exchanged from. Someone else might offer you a better rate. 

To learn more about how to get started with a exchange service like CanAm Currency Exchange, click here to Register for your free account now. 


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