Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I pay with a credit card?

    Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card payments at this time. Our clients are welcome to pay with cash, debit card (Canadian Banks) or bank draft.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    CanAm Currency Exchange does not charge any extra service fees above and beyond our transparent exchange rates.

  • Do you accept travelers cheques?

    We do not accept travelers cheques, no matter the cheap nfl jerseys currency.

  • Do you need to see identification in order for me to transact with you?

    If the bank notes you are exchanging are equal to or more than CAD$2,900, you are required to submit a government issued picture identification.

  • How much does CBCE save me compared to the banks?

    You can save anywhere between 2% – 3% per transaction, which could lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • Can we book a transaction at a rate I choose?

    Yes, you can set the rate at which you want to buy or sell US funds in and when it gets to that rate we will lock in the transaction for you.

  • What is the minimum size transaction?

    We would like for the minimum transaction to be $2,500 but we will do lower amounts as well from time to time.  We also do transactions for clients that are above $1M.

  • How do I make a transaction with CBCE?

    1. Call CBCE at 1 (844) 915-5151 to book a transaction and lock-in an exchange rate.
    2. A trade confirmation will be sent to you noting locked-in exchange rate and amounts to convert. This is before any funds are transferred to our segregated client trust account.
    3. Our team retrieve the funds from the account of your choice through pre-authorized debit. Alternatively, we accept funds sent to us through online bill payment or wire transfer from your local bank branch.
    4. Converted funds are sent back to your account or to the destination of your choice in Canada or the USA within a day if done by EFT/wire.
    5. We have an in-house system that monitors bank rates to ensure our exchange rates are always more competitive than the banks’.