Currency Exchange for Employees

If you work in a foreign country, you can have your payments exchanged to Canadian dollars.

Convert Your Foreign Currency

If you work for a foreign company, we are more than equipped to help out; while saving you a tremendous amount of money and time. We recommend opening up a foreign currency account at your current bank, and as soon as you need the funds converted to Canadian Dollars, all you need to do is withdraw the amount you need and bring it to any one of our branches. We’ll get straight to work converting your funds at some of the most attractive rates in the business.

Great Exchange Rates

There is a wide misconception when it comes to the topic of exchange rates. The myth that there is just one exchange rate holds no truth, and can result in automatic conversions at a pre-set rate that do nothing but see you losing money. This is why we always strive to locate and lock down the most attractive and competitive exchange rates at your chosen conversion time. In addition, we are always 100% honest and transparent when it comes to prices, with no surprise costs or service charges. If you reap the rewards of savings you never knew were possible – our job is done!